Terms of Reference

The ICA Commission on Topographic Mapping was approved at the 16th General Assembly, held in Rio de Janeiro on 28th August 2015. Our primary aim in establishing this new Commission is to provide a forum for those whose primary focus is the design, production and use of topographic mapping and related geospatial data products.

Terms of Reference 2023 – 2027

  • Continue to develop the research agenda for topographic mapping in association with partners in academia and in industry (national mapping organizations and commercial producers of topographic maps)
  • Enable and facilitate research generation and staff exchange between producers of topographic mapping
  • Establish and publish guidance for assessing topographic mapping products (print, web, digital data) in relation to their content, design and usability
  • Work in partnership with other ICA Commissions and Working Groups to organise and participate in joint events with the aim of advancing and disseminating knowledge regarding topographic mapping past, present and future
  • Develop and maintain the Commission website, incorporating news items relating to topographic mapping, a core bibliography on topographic mapping and other resources for those interested in topographic mapping
  • Develop an online portal to allow easy access to information about producers and publishers of topographic mapping worldwide
  • Organise sessions at the 2025 and 2027 ICCs that focus on presenting the latest research with regard to topographic mapping and pursue its publication and wider dissemination